Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Wagle to Release Hit List; Puts Contract on Taxpayers

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Wagle to Release Hit List; Puts Contract on Taxpayers

Sen. Susan Wagle is planning to release a ‘Contract with Kansas.’ She should call it a the ‘Contract ON Kansas,’ because I have a feeling it’s going to read a lot like a hit list. It’s a contract out on Kansas taxpayers, and her mafia-like hitmen intend to use the list as a weapon.

Wagle will announce this contract on Kansans during a press conference next week, requiring Republican Senate candidates to sign on if they want access to the Senate Leadership PAC money between now and the November election.

I’m told the contract will include lovely features such as rolling back every Gov. Brownback policy. From expanding Medicaid to rolling back the LLC and reinstating the pass-through exemptions, Wagle intends to tax Kansans to the breaking point.

Wagle, it appears, is trying to out-Democrat the Democrats. This is short-sighted political positioning, and I don’t get it. Clearly Wagle has higher political aspirations, but she’s not going to have a base if she continues down this path of PAC hostage taking, weaponizing her agenda, and stabbing everyone she meets right in the back repeatedly. This is how mob bosses in the old days ended up sleeping with the fishes.

Wagle alienated the so-called moderates and Democrats by signing on to Brownback’s plan early. After all, Brownback’s efforts to oust former Senate President Steve Morris and his ilk like Tim Owens are precisely the reason Wagle earned the role of Senate President. As an early adopter of the Brownback policies, Wagle not only advocated for many of them, she was a consistent vote for many of his policies. Democrats and so-called moderates aren’t likely to forget her once-conservative ways, though they may do it long enough so they can hang her with the disastrous policies sure to come from the 2017 Kansas Legislature.

Meanwhile, good luck finding a conservative who will work with her. Conservatives recognize that she isn’t just a back stabber, she’s a hypocrite, too.

So I ask, in two years or four years, when Wagle decides to make a run for Governor or challenge for Congressman Mike Pompeo’s seat, who will be her base?

Shortly after Brownback’s election, it appeared Wagle’s political star was on the rise. But now, she is about to be a woman wearing cement shoes standing alone attempting to rally people who will refuse to follow her. Each of those people will also be unwilling to turn their backs on her, as it appears she carries some pretty sharp knives and isn’t afraid to bury one in the back of just about anyone.

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