Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Piffle Paffle Poll Reveals Path for Sidie

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Piffle Paffle Poll Reveals Path for Sidie

Jay Sidie sees a path to victory against Congressman Kevin Yoder. The Mission Hills union guy turned Congressional candidate released a poll that shows Yoder leads Sidie 49 percent to 37 percent. Those are the results from Sidie's OWN poll! The Democrat is down 12 points, but according to his press release, the poll shows a clear path to victory.

Sidie has a "path" because the poll shows low favorability numbers for Yoder. Sidie's press release says Yoder's numbers are high only due to name recognition.

You know who else has a path to victory using the same logic? Vermin Supreme--the presidential candidate who wears a boot on his head and whose platform includes giving everyone a pony.

Vermin Supreme

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have extraordinarily low favorability numbers, and Supreme has low name recognition. Ergo, Supreme has a clear path to the Presidency.

As one insider called it, Sidie's poll is pure piffle-paffle. Yeah, I stole the phrase. 

For some reason, the Kansas City Star has decided to report Sidie's press release as hope for Democrats, despite just days earlier reporting that a Sidie victory is highly unlikely.

Meanwhile, everyone else in America has written off the Yoder-Sidie campaign as a red seat certainty. Roll Call doesn't list KS-03 as one of its 10 most vulnerable. Cook Report says Kansas' Third District is "solid Republican." (Every district in Kansas is ranked that way. Yoder's race will be tighter than the others, but Cook estimates a 6 point Yoder victory. The report estimates a Roger Marshall victory in the Big First of more than 20 points!!!)

The Democrats need 30 seats to win back the House, and they're desperate to pretend they have a few tight races so they can raise money. They plucked a guy out of a Mission Hills cocktail party hoping they could make the race appear close, but the candidate's own piffle paffle poll suggests the Dems are selling a pretty weak story.

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  1. Kevin Yoder is such a strong candidate with a history of true connection to his constituents. I can't imagine how anyone could stand against him at this point. He works to represent us.