Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): U.S. Senate Preps to Give Planned Parenthood a Raise, Courtesy of Taxpayers

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

U.S. Senate Preps to Give Planned Parenthood a Raise, Courtesy of Taxpayers

Kansans, it's time to pick up the phone and call your Senators. You should send an especially strong message to Sen. Jerry Moran. He's up for re-election, and though he tends to focus his legislative efforts lately on things like ensuring Kansans have access to cheap Broadway tickets on the secondary market, he SHOULD be reminded that Kansas voters have bigger fish to fry than cheap theater tickets.

U.S. Senators will be asked to vote on a continuing resolution sometime TODAY that will give Planned Parenthood a raise, courtesy of many taxpayers who have a real problem with that particular organization killing infants and selling baby parts (on the secondary market--get on it, Moran)!

The vote was supposed to occur yesterday, but Sen. Mitch McConnell, Kentucky turncoat, couldn't get enough people to close the deal. (Cloture votes failed. Twice.)

The House version of this bill, which all of Kansas' Congressional delegation supported, gave $95 million in funding to address Zika, but only to Medicaid providers in Florida and Puerto Rico. Florida state legislators cut off all PP funding under Medicaid this year, so there was a possibility that only health clinics that do not participate in the practice of sticking forks in the backs of the heads of innocents would get the funding. The Senate continuing resolution, however, dropped the Medicaid requirement, meaning Planned Parenthood will have unfettered access to more taxpayer money, courtesy of the U.S. Senate, which appears to lack the stones to do anything useful or meaningful. 

The pressure will be on again today in the Senate, as the continuing resolution must be approved before Sept. 30 to avoid a government shutdown. For people who think stabbing unborn babies in the back of the head just prior to full delivery shouldn't be funded by taxpayers, this CR should be a non-starter. The bill includes additional funding to fight Zika. The provision doesn't include a prohibition against sending that money to Planned Parenthood, which means the nation's biggest Baby Chop Shop is going to have access to new federal money.

Here's the part where our pro choice friends will (probably in a demeaning way) attempt to explain that federal dollars cannot be used for abortion thanks to the Hyde Amendment. Anyone who uses that argument should be ignored. They're too dumb to even bother having the discussion. Money is fungible. If these federal dollars are laundered to Planned Parenthood, the money will be used to subsidize all of that organization's most abhorrent practices. 

For some bewildering reason, this information isn't getting out to grassroots pro-life voters. But now you know, and it's time to call Sens. Roberts and Moran and let them know you're aware of what this resolution does, and you will not stand for it. 

I'm sure their staff members will be thrilled to hear from you.

Sen. Pat Roberts' office:

  • (913)451-9343
  • (620)227-2244
  • (785)295-2745
  • (316)263-0416
  • (202)224-4774

Sen. Jerry Moran's office:

  • (913)393-0711
  • (316)631-1410
  • (620)232-2286
  • (785)539-8973
  • (785)628-6401
  • (202)224-6521

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