Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Jerry Moran Tackles Issue CRITICAL to Kansans

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Jerry Moran Tackles Issue CRITICAL to Kansans

There are few issues in public life that keep me awake at night, but Sen. Jerry Moran, with the assistance of Sen. Chuck Schumer has stumbled on an issue of critical importance to Kansas: Government protection against overpriced Broadway show tickets on the secondary market.

Thankfully, Moran has strapped on his cape and is preparing to save us all from making ill-advised, scalped ticket purchases. Relief is coming. Moran is sponsoring legislation that will prevent bots from purchasing tickets. 

"Scalpers have long been driving up ticket prices and harming consumers, but their methods are becoming increasingly sophisticated," Moran said in an actual news article in Roll Call. "It's hard enough to get tickets to high profile events without the added struggle of having to battle bots online."

Kansas' junior Senator said this to a reporter who wasn't from The Onion. 

Moran seems hellbent lately on protecting people from themselves, and I, for one, wish he'd give it a rest. Perhaps the industry itself should work on fixing its own systems for online ticket sales. Or, perhaps Congress should spend its time doing something useful. I'm just spitballing here, but there was a period of six years in which the Senate couldn't be bothered to pass a budget. Maybe start work on next year's budget? Just a suggestion. I know it's boring work, and unlikely to garner testimony of Broadway stars like Lin-Manuel Miranda, and yet, it almost seems more important than protecting ticket buyers.

Sen. Moran narrowly dodged a serious primary challenge this year when Congressman Mike Pompeo decided against running. Pompeo was likely almost drawn into a race, because Moran is quickly becoming Kansas' biggest clown in Washington. (He faces tough competition. I think former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is still in DC doing the cocktail circuit.) You'll recall, Moran offered cover to Republicans from less conservative states when he suggested that the Senate should have hearings for a potential Obama nomination to the Supreme Court. And then, Moran sponsored baffling legislation with Sen. Cory Booker that would just hold on to tax returns of the stoopids for awhile.

Someone should check Moran's medicine cabinet, because I'm beginning to wonder if he's on something. 

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  1. Moran does not understand the concept of free market capitalism.