Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Cocktail Party Guy Misleads to Dig for Votes (Gross)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Cocktail Party Guy Misleads to Dig for Votes (Gross)

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is throwing out all of the stops attempting to get some guy they dug up at a Mission Hills cocktail party into the U.S. House of Representatives. The alarming part of the entire thing is that there is polling to suggest the race between Congressman Kevin Yoder and random-guy-who-got-rich-off-backs-of-union-workers-turned-cocktail-party-elbow-rubber is within the margin of error.

This should not be happening, and the fact that it is sends me into a special kind of shaky angry. Only, I can't decide at whom I'm angriest; Dems for misleading people or potential voters for not doing their own due diligence to learn the truth.

Cocktail Party Guy (CPG), the Dems' Kansas Third District Congressional candidate, hasn't lifted a finger to help his own campaign. As far as I know, he's sent some volunteers from Washington out into the depths of Prairie Village seeking a few votes, and he's walked in one parade. If CPG isn't even willing to work to get the job, what makes anyone think he'll lift a finger to help a constituent if he's given a ticket to D.C.? I have a feeling a guy who was plucked out of the local cocktail party circuit will be far too busy trying to ingratiate himself into the D.C. cocktail party circuit to bother with paltry people in the third district of Kansas, if he manages to get elected.

CPG's campaign is being run by the DCCC and by Washington Democrat insiders. (The WORST kind of insiders, people. The WORST.) I can't find that he has a single person with a 913 phone number on his staff. 

But the fact that CPG is a typical elitist Democrat who can't be bothered to mix it up with the little people isn't the part of this whole thing that I find so egregious--though, it's pretty gross.

The part I find most disturbing is that the DCCC is running advertisements filled with absolute lies and falsehoods. That's irritating. CPG's ads all go something like this: Yoder is Sam Brownback's best friend, and the Brownback budget was Yoder's idea.

What's worse is there are apparently some stupids buying the story. That's the part I absolutely can't take. Our electorate is already PAINFULLY unaware of how things work, and it makes me sick that instead of educating people in the truth, the DCCC is spreading lies and misinformation. I thought they cared about education? It's discouraging to see the Dems use outright lies and misinformation to prop up their (barely making an effort) candidate. 

The whole thing is ridiculous. Yoder was elected to the U.S. House in 2010. Brownback ran for Governor that same year. The two men have never served in the same political body at the same time. In fact, they've barely served in the same political body period. Brownback DID serve in the U.S. House in 1994, probably about the time Yoder was finishing high school. I'm going to go out on a limb and say Yoder wasn't "advising" Brownback back then. Brownback was in the U.S. House for two years, and then he ran for U.S. Senate, a body of which Yoder hasn't ever been a member. 

Brownback and Yoder ARE members of the same party, but pretending Yoder is advising Brownback is a lot like Republicans making advertisements suggesting CGP advised former Sen. Robert Byrd, West Virginia Democrat. Perhaps the Kansas Dem candidate somehow advised former Sen. Byrd about being a member of the Ku Klux Klan. We can't say for sure that didn't happen. After all, CGP is a Democrat and so was Byrd. And Byrd was busy organizing the Klan about the time CPG was alive--so... connection? It's entirely possible. I may make a commercial.

It's shameful that voters can't count on the DCCC to be honest about local issues. Misleading voters instead of educating them is pathetic for a political party that says it values education. 

What's even more disturbing is that there are voters who can't see through these outright lies and mistruths. Yoder doesn't have anything to do with Kansas' budget. The members of the U.S. Congress don't have anything to do with state funding of local school districts. Voters will have to decide if they want a Congressman who tells the truth, or one who is willing to lie in the quest for power.

It's a pretty easy choice for me, but then, I know exactly who and what entities are responsible for funding local schools. 

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  1. Just look at today's disclosure by Project Veritas it shows that HRC was personally involved in the planning to disrupt Trump rallies - if just half the MSM were honest she would be in the rear view mirror. The Democrat Party and the Clinton campaign organization meet the definition of a criminal conspiracy maybe even RICO.