Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Holy Bias, Batman...Part, 6,109,871

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Holy Bias, Batman...Part, 6,109,871

The media JUST can't be bothered to be honest about Planned Parenthood. The dishonesty is so common, I typically don't even bother mentioning it. It's like writing about how the sky is blue; grass is green; Kathleen Sebelius is evil. Everyone already knows these things, so why bother scribbling about them?

And  yet, this morning I stumbled upon a story from public radio suggesting that Kansas is wasting money on legal fees to avoid making payments to Planned Parenthood. 

Um. Yeah. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment is DEFENDING a lawsuit brought against it by Planned Parenthood. I guess whenever some Baby Chop Shop or other entity decides to sue the state of Kansas, the Sunflower State is just supposed to roll over to not waste money on legal fees?

Is THAT what KCUR is suggesting? Just let that one marinate for a few minutes. That is a stunningly moronic idea, and a great way to bankrupt the state. 

I realize that the people over at KCUR think the correct response wherever the Baby Chop Shop is concerned is for women (and probably men) to just throw their panties and wads of cash at them, but some of just aren't going to do it. This story. Planned Parenthood SUES the state; Republicans blamed for spending money to defend it. I can't even.

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