Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Shorts--an Old Bill, Douglas County, and George Brett

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Shorts--an Old Bill, Douglas County, and George Brett

Giving Teachers a Tax Break

I'm told there was a bill either last year or the year before that attempted to give teachers an income tax break. It died an unceremonious death. I'm trying to track this bill down. I believe the old legislation was the brain child of J.R. Claeys, a House member from Salina. 

Kansas Senate Candidate Echo Van Meteren suggested giving teachers and corrections officers an income tax exemption. I don't love everything about the idea; I really don't like rewarding or punishing behavior via the tax code, but I think it's a political winner that accomplishes the goal of getting more money to teachers without laundering it through Topeka. 

Sun Shines in Kansas

Good things are coming out of Kansas, but you wouldn't know it if you watch the nightly news cast or read the paper. Contrary to popular belief, the sky isn't falling. 

My favorite blogger, Bob Weeks at Wichita Liberty, reprinted an email that lists some of the good news about the Sunflower State. Read it here.

Media Covers Douglas County Republican Allegations

Yesterday, I wrote about the potentially scandalous allegations the Douglas County Republican Party made against the county clerk's office. I wondered whether the media would bother covering it.

We have an answer. Several news outlets picked up the story. Notably, the Lawrence Journal-World and a television station in Lawrence. There may be others.

Revolting Actions in JoCo Election Office

I am absolutely revolted by the allegations about the former Johnson County Election Commissioner Brian Newby. I always had great respect for Newby, despite whispers from those who worked in the county election office that all was not well. I assumed the whispers I heard were simply personality conflicts. It appears that wasn't the case.

Newby had an illicit affair with (someone I went to high school with) an employee half his age, whom he promoted. When the new commissioner took over--after Secretary of State Kris Kobach recommended Newby for a job at the Federal Election Commission--Newby's office was shuttered for weeks while investigators examined the things Newby left behind.

It's always been my experience that how someone treats his spouse is a pretty good indication of the integrity he'll show in other areas of his life. My hope is that these horrible stories about what occurred in the election office during Newby's tenure are some kind of political witch hunt. But the emails and news stories suggest otherwise. Ugh.

Did George Brett Endorse a Kansas Democrat?

You'd be forgiven for thinking that's the case. A Democrat in Leavenworth sent a mailer giving the subtle impression that former Kansas City Royals' great George Brett has endorsed him. That would be a major coup, especially since Brett is a Republican.

The questionable mailer is campaigning against Tony Barton, a Leavenworth Republican. Barton should be sent back to Topeka. His opponent should reconsider his questionable mailer.

Making a Ruckus

I'll be appearing on this week's edition of Ruckus on KCPT. It airs on Thursday, but you will also be able to catch it online. The taping has yet to occur, so I'll take those prayers for discernment and good hair.

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