Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Wheat Waving U Gone Wild

Monday, October 3, 2016

Wheat Waving U Gone Wild

Has the University of Kansas lost its ever-loving mind? Last week was a bad one for Wheat Waving U. 

Last week or so, we learned that the special little snowflakes of KU attempted to scream the Young Americans for Freedom off of campus.  Social justice warriors attended the YAF meeting, acting like bullies and screaming at the YAF students who planned to talk about the importance of free speech on campus during their meeting.

The special snowflakes accused the YAF students of being white supremacists. They screeched that they didn't feel safe in the library, based on gender identity.

"I don't feel comfortable being in classrooms where I am supposed to speak as a transhuman and as a queer person as all queer people. That shows that there is a problem with this institution about there not being--that these students are not being taught that they are supposed to create safe spaces," one angry protester whined.

I don't want to kick a snowflake when he or she is down, but if you don't feel safe in the library or in the classroom, that's your fault. Also, I think it's important to understand that there is a different between being 100 percent comfortable and being safe. 

If it were just social justice warrior idiot students acting like youthful fools, I could live with it. But that's not where the entire thing ended. A KU lecturer and teacher's assistant went on a profanity-laden Twitter rant against YAF leader and KU student Gabriel Lepinski. Researcher Mark White called the undergrad Lepinski an "M....f....er." He said Lepinski should "eff off." White accused Lepinski of wearing a Nazi red armband. White said as a social psychologist at KU, he's conducted research showing that free speech can be invoked to "justify prejudice." Um. I think a KU employee was advocating for shutting down free speech. As a taxpayer, I'm revolted that we're paying people, who would deny free speech to others, to mold young minds in KU classrooms.

It gets even more embarrassing for Jayhawk fans: An RA (resident hall assistant) was advised by the KU-employed complex director that a jungle-themed floor decoration of a gorilla was inappropriate, because gorillas represent a "very masculine image" and was therefore not "inclusive." 

Talk about an assault on science! I don't want to upset any KU snowflakes, but,  um... gorillas are male and female. It's like everyone in any position of authority at Wheat Waving U is going out of their way to make complete fools of the university and the state.

Female gorilla. 

Here's the worst very worst part of the entire thing: YAF chapters bring students together to advocate for the ideas of limited government, individual freedom, free enterprise, traditional values and a strong national defense. In order to be recognized by the university, the organization must have a KU professor sponsor. This group of conservative-leaning students can't find a professor willing to sponsor them. I don't expect KU to be able to control the actions (or speech) of its students or staff. (Actually, I wouldn't want them to.) But I do expect a public university to be a place of diversity, and by diversity I mean diversity of thought. YAF had a KU staff member willing to sponsor the group, but after the snowflakes made a scene, the sponsor declined, saying it was too politically charged. As of last week when I spoke with Lepinski, the group still hadn't found a sponsor. That is a disgrace. 

The way the social justice warriors at KU behaved this week was so egregious, I roasted them during an appearance on KCPT's Ruckus with Mike Shannin. They deserve much more than a roast, but that's the best I could do.

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