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Monday, October 17, 2016

There's No Crying in Politics

Over at KCUR--public radio--there's concern about campaigns being "ugly." (My eye balls hurt from all of the rolling necessary when reading this story, so beware if you click on the link.)

The campaigns are "ugly," because someone is conducting a push poll suggesting that Logan Heley, a Dem, championed implementation of transgender bathrooms on campus and in dorms while at the University of Southern California, used marijuana and belonged to a rowdy fraternity. The push poll also suggests that Heley has never had a full-time job and lives at home with his parents.

Assuming all of these things are true and there's no reason to believe any of it is false, this doesn't seem like "ugly" campaigning to me. It seems like campaigning, and not even all that nasty. 

Dinah Sykes, the Republican who beat Greg Smith in a volatile primary, denied any involvement in it. And here's the part that almost makes me lose it: According to the reporter Sam Zeff, Sykes was "clearly emotional," in a phone interview denying involvement. (Not that we can trust Sam Zeff's take on the whole thing. Zeff hates Republicans so much, he stalked one. He was fired from a television job for stalking Phill Kline and Kline's wife and children, so take anything he writes with a truck load of salt.)

There's no crying in politics. I'm not a feminist--mostly because the word has been bastardized and I don't fit the mold of a liberal cry baby who stomps my feet and makes demands. However, stop it with the emotions. Just stop. If you ever see me crying, you should start running. That's pure anger leaking from my face. Otherwise, a catch in the voice--tears-- to a reporter? This should not happen unless someone has died. Get it together. 

Sykes adamantly denies involvement (and I believe her), and Heley accuses dark money from Gov. Sam Brownback and Sen. Susan Wagle. Guys, the suggestion that Brownback and Wagle are funding in concert to elect Sykes is comical. I have no insider information, but I do have common sense. That's not happening. Now that the race for Senate President is all but wrapped up, there's no reason for Wagle to spend dark money on the Sykes' race, and Sykes spent all summer bashing Brownback. So it seems unlikely that the Governor is opening wallets on her behalf.

I have some suspicions about who may have had a hand in funding this (not unreasonable) push poll. For a guy who has never held a full-time job (other than internships), Heley has shown a remarkable ability to fundraise. He raised $55,000 leading up to the August primaries.

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