Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Well That Explains It -- Huelskamp IN for 2018

Friday, October 28, 2016

Well That Explains It -- Huelskamp IN for 2018

Yesterday I wondered why I was still receiving fundraising campaign emails from Tim Huelskamp. Was Huelskamp trying to pay off campaign debt? 

Today, I learn the answer: He's fundraising to run again. Huelskamp has already filed to run for Congress in 2018. I'm good with that. Actually, I'm great with that.

I wasn't a fan the primary opponent who beat Huelskamp, Roger Marshall for a number of reasons. I know a lot of people think Huelskamp's way of working in Washington is questionable, but I'll tell you what--we need people who aren't afraid to make a stand in Washington. I'm hopeful that Marshall will surprise me, and take some strong, conservative stances. But I'm not going to hold my breath. I don't want to die.

In the meantime, just the knowledge that Huelskamp is gearing up to run in 2018 ought to be a sufficient hedge to keep Marshall on the conservative straight and narrow. I'll take it.

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