Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): DCCC thinks Kansas 3rd District Voters Are Stupid

Monday, October 3, 2016

DCCC thinks Kansas 3rd District Voters Are Stupid

Dear Kansas Third District Voters,

The Democrats think you're stupid. (And probably a deplorable, too, but that's a story for another day.)

The Democrats congressional campaign fund paid for a Jay Sidie ad attempting to tie Rep. Kevin Yoder to Gov. Sam Brownback. Sidie's ad, which I'll not link to, because it's filled with intentional misinformation, suggests that he was worried his daughters weren't going to be able to start school this year, because of school funding in Kansas. 

First, and I realize this is confusing for Democrats, but allow me to explain: Yoder is a member of the U.S. Congress. Kansas schools DO receive federal funds. I believe about 8 percent of school funding is federal. I think this is a problem. Money that comes from the federal government comes with all sorts of ridiculous strings like who can use what restroom and which pronouns must be used to avoid offending precious snowflakes and teacher's unions. (It's a brutal assault on science and grammar, but that's a story for another day.) So, Sidie, and his Dem handlers, apparently don't understand that federal legislators aren't responsible for Kansas schools. It's troubling to have a candidate for a major political party who doesn't understand something so basic. And it's abhorrent that Sidie and his handlers are attempting to confuse the populace on such a critical issue. But I guess they'll do anything to get their guy in office. Fortunately, third district voters understand which office holders are responsible for those funding decisions. We're not stupid, DCCC.

Second, Sidie and his handlers make the subtle suggestion that somehow Gov. Brownback (with the help of Yoder--umm. No.) threatened to close public schools. This is an outright lie. You know who did threaten to close schools? The Kansas Supreme Court. (Fire all but Stegall). The liberal members of the Kansas Supreme Court threatened to close the doors of every Kansas school unless legislators moved around less than 1 percent of school funding. Despite questions of whether the justices had the authority to actually close schools, THEY are the ones who made the threat. Congressman Yoder had absolutely nothing to do with it on any level.

Finally, Sidie hasn't even bothered to vote in at least six school funding elections. He didn't vote in elections for Shawnee Mission bond issues in 2001, 2004, 2007, and in 2015. (By the way, does it seem like the Shawnee Mission School District just might be bond issue happy? Asking for a friend.) Those elections were mail-in elections. He didn't even have to leave his Mission Hills home and stand in line with the plebes to cast those votes.

As a candidate, Sidie has done virtually nothing to rally supporters or work on his own behalf. His campaign is being run by Washington elitists who plucked Sidie out of a cocktail party and promised to do all of the hard work of getting him elected. 

I have trouble believing a guy who couldn't be bothered to work on his own campaign efforts, a guy who couldn't be bothered to mail in a ballot on issues critical to his community, is going to be willing to work all that hard on behalf of his constituents at a sweet gig in Washington. He'd be too busy sipping cocktails with lobbyists and elitists to bother representing his constituents. No thanks.

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