Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Cleveland Rocks...Philly Smells Like Rocky's Sweat

Friday, April 15, 2016

Cleveland Rocks...Philly Smells Like Rocky's Sweat

No matter what happens this summer in Cleveland at the Republican National Convention -- and it looks like that event is going to be a clusterjam -- Cleveland will be nothing compared to the moronathon that's about to happen in Philadelphia.

The Dems will hold their national convention in the City of Brotherly Love in late July. It's going to be a steaming pile of mess, no doubt, based on that party's superdelegate shenanigans.

The Dems -- long noted for their interest in democrazy -- have delegates who just get to cast a nomination ballot for whoever they want. The Dems' candidate is selected essentially at the whims of this select group of elected members from the DNC, distinguished party leaders (whatever THAT means), Dem members of the Senate, House and Dem Governors. 

According to my estimates, there are about 55 Democrats in Kansas, so just fewer than 10 percent of Kansas Dems serve as superdelegates. Yes, Kansas has superdelegates. I was as surprised as you are!

The include national committeeman and national committeewoman Bill Roy Jr. and Teresa Garcia Krusor. Roy is the son of a former Kansas doctor, who also wrote a regularly appearing column for the Topeka Capital-Journal. (His wiki-site says he was one of the few liberal columnists ever to write for the Cap-J. Um... Sometimes Wikipedia is slightly off and sometimes it's just short of a Bill Clinton deposition.) Krusor is pledged to Hilary Clinton, but it should be noted these supers can just change their minds whenever the mood strikes. Roy Jr. is uncommitted.

The other two Kansas superdelegates are Melody Mcray-Miller, a Dem member of the Kansas House, and Lee Kinch. McCray-Miller has yet to say who she'll support. Kinch replaced Larry Meeker as the chair of the Kansas Dems. (Meeker, you'll recall, was kicked out of town for essentially saying the Kansas Dems should be ever-so-slightly less crazy, because they're in sensible Kansas.) Kinch is uncommitted as well. Someone should probably tell the Kansas supers that Bernie won Kansas. Not that that matters. 

As as aside, the Dems are letting supers from Missouri vote at the national convention too. Their numbers include Dick Gephardt and Sly James, both committed to Clinton.

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