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Friday, April 8, 2016

Cue the Flying Monkeys in 3, 2....

The superintendent of Olathe Schools, Dr. Marlin Berry, is out. He's accepted a job in Northwest Arkansas.

I am writing this as a pre-emptive strike against what I know is surely coming, if it hasn't already started: The KNEA, The KASB and other education whiners are going to bemoan that we're losing good people, because the Kansas Legislature doesn't care about schools. 

Oh wait -- it's already happened. (And while we're on the topic, is that "news" story from public radio one of the most biased you've ever read? Answer: Yep.)

Anyway, Berry has agreed to lead the Rogers Public Schools for $215,000 per year through 2019. This year, he earned $243,000 from the Olathe district -- maybe more. He was eligible for bonuses.

Before the libs wad up their panties and throw them at members of the Legislature in protest, let's dig a smidge deeper, shall we?

Will Berry double dip, collecting KPERs, or his retirement pension as he continues to draw a pretty healthy salary in northwest Arkansas? My crystal ball says probably, though he announced his resignation and not a retirement.

One of the biggest school funding concerns -- and one that gets almost zero play from the media -- is the gaping hole in KPERs funding. An old study showed that every Kansan would need to pay more than $3200 to fill the bottomless pit that is a KPERs funding gap. I'm not sure we can afford when we've got to continue giving endless streams of cash to schools FOR THE CHILDREN.

I don't understand why regular Kansans are supposed to pony up more cash for the school administration smorgasbord, but double-dipping retirees have no obligation to forego or delay or minimize extravagant retirement benefits. Don't they care about THE CHILDREN?

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