Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): KCMO Public School Board Election Results

Thursday, April 14, 2016

KCMO Public School Board Election Results

The results are in: Kansas City, Missouri, Public Schools continue to be a dumpster fire.

This is a school district that had its accreditation yanked by the Missouri State School Board. And so into this disaster stepped zero candidates for the Kansas City Public School Board. 

That's not completely true. There were write-in candidates. Read the results and weep. 

A school district that spends more than $14,065 per student per year, has a student-teacher ratio of 18 to 1, and an 85 percent graduation and is not accredited had no candidates on the ballot for school board. And the number of people who cast ballots is devastating. 

It pains me to say these things about KCMO. I love KC, and I want this beautiful city to be successful. However, throwing money at a problemed institution doesn't mean results. Kansas officials should heed the lesson.

There's absolutely no reason Kansas should offer incentives to move businesses across the state line. The KCMO Public School system is doing it's level best to offer all the incentive anyone needs to move to the other side of State Line Road.

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