Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Well, Well, Well, Pompeo

Monday, April 4, 2016

Well, Well, Well, Pompeo

Congressman Mike Pompeo isn't answering questions about whether he'll primary Jerry Moran. Interesting.

I think you heard it hear first.

For what it's worth, I think a Pompeo win is a long, long shot. How long has it been since Kansans have elected someone from the 4th District to the U.S. Senate? I don't think it's happened in my lifetime. (Not that we ever elect anyone new, EVER.) A wise reader reminded me that yes, we have elected someone from the Wichita area to the U.S. Senate -- Nancy Kassebaum

Todd Tiahrt gave it a good try against Moran, originally from the Big First, and lost, despite winning Johnson County. There are a LOT of Republicans in western Kansas. In fact, 24,061 voted in the Kansas Republican Caucus. In comparison, only Third District Republicans (Johnson County, Wyandotte) cast almost 14,000 votes during the Caucus. 

Big Firsters elected Bob Dole -- a million times. They will elect Pat Roberts for as long as Roberts wants a seat. They elected Jerry Moran, who now lives in the 2nd District. (It's embarrassing how many times I can be wrong in one scribbling -- ugh! Manhattan is now a part of the Big First. Once upon a time, it was part of the 2nd. After the last redistricting, the Little Apple became part of the First.)

I would love to see a Kansas Senator from somewhere other than the Big First, but the math isn't favorable.

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