Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Pain and Suffering

Monday, April 25, 2016

Pain and Suffering

Mike Pompeo will NOT run against Sen. Jerry Moran. Apparently, Congressman Pompeo got out of bed this morning and realized he didn't have the resources to run a statewide campaign against an incumbent Senator on short notice.

I am annoyed. I can't say I was going to support Pompeo, but his actions were like asking a girl to prom a week before the big event and then canceling when he realizes he can't find a tux to rent in his size. 

I hadn't bought a dress yet, but I'd already secured a corsage. I am annoyed.

Also, the fact that Pompeo just *supposedly* came to this recognition all of a sudden calls into question his judgment. I mean, everyone in the state knew it was short notice. Why was he so slow on the uptake? 

I guess this means reluctant Jerry Moran supporters will support Moran. Warning to Sen. Moran, you may have escaped a serious primary challenge this time, but please be on notice -- no more stupidity on Garland. No more sponsoring of bills that bloat the government and give more power to bureaucrats. No more. No more. No more.

Blech. Politicians. 

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