Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Dems Brawl

Monday, April 25, 2016

Dems Brawl

Over here in the land of reality, a Kansas reporter has noticed that when you put 5 Democrats in a room together, they don't necessarily always agree.

This is quite stunning, actually -- the fact that a reporter reported something that makes the Dems look petty and small. 

Typically, the Dems can rally and walk in lockstep on any issue -- no matter how ridiculous and stupid. (I give you the bathroom wars, which suggest that your chromosomes don't make you male or female. As an aside, if I ever hear the party of the anti-Christ lecture another soul on "science" ever again, I'm going to lose it.)

So, this weekend, auspiciously timed to avoid the any real audience, (ahem. Friday afternoon) the Lawrence Journal-World revealed that Sen. Minority Leader Anthony Hensley is raging mad at the Dems who voted "pass" on school funding bill. 

It's comical, because there are only 8 Democrats in the entire Kansas Senate. It's like Hensley wants even less power and influence than Kansas Dems have today. Hensley sent a text message to Lawrence's Marci Francisco saying "You vote to undermine my leadership all the time. To vote pass on a bill that is clearly unconstitutional is a travesty to the education community... I'm done with you."

It's funny, because Kansans were finished with the Dems a long time ago. 

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