Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Paging Jerry Moran's Sense

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Paging Jerry Moran's Sense

I am sputtering here. Is Jerry Moran TRYING to get himself thrown out of office? Has he lost his senses? Is some liberal blackmailing him with a puppy torture scandal hidden in his background?

First, Moran proposed just hearing out Obama's Supreme Court nominee. Moran, who has historically been controversy adverse stepped out of line with the majority of Republicans, offered cover to more liberal leaning Republicans and Democrats, and slapped the majority of his supporters right across the face with the suggestion. Fortunately, he figured out his mistake rather quickly and walked that disaster of a suggestion right back.

And today, I read this.

Do I look all red-faced with anger? I'm trying not to curl up in the fetal position and scream, but Moran is treading on dangerous waters at this point. 

According to the New York Times, Moran has joined New Jersey Democrat Cory Booker in proposing legislation to hold on to taxpayers' money just a little while longer, because clearly we're all too stupid save money without the help of Uncle Sam.

I am kind of spitting mad at this proposal. I do not like it when politicians deign to save us all from ourselves. That's a giant recipe for disaster. (See all social programs since the dawn of time.)

The proposal would allow the Treasury to hold taxpayers' refunds for a time, and then the stupid poors who signed up for this program would be paid interest on the amount of their refunds that the government held longer. Uh... how about paying us all interest for taking more money than you should have federal government and then holding it until refund time. How about that?

I don't even...

This shell game the government plays with taxpayer money is such a joke. I realize at refund time every poor financial planner in America blows their overpayment (or handout, in the case of earned income credit) on stupid things like computers, brand new cars, and gambling. 

But in reality, these brain trust savers should be told -- repeatedly -- that their refunds aren't a cause for celebration. That refund means you overpaid -- OR that the government took more money out of my pocket to give it to someone who didn't earn it. 

Second, I would think that Republicans -- um, that's supposed to be you, Jerry Moran -- would understand that any plan that allows government to just hold onto people's money is a slow moving train wreck. See Social Security.

I am leaving aside all of the horrible, rotten, no good, very bad things Jerry Moran did as the chair of the NRSC during the last election, although I sincerely hope Moran has personally made some apologies to some individuals for the behavior of the organization he ran at the time. (Ahem. There's at least one person in Mississippi owed an apology. Do it, Jerry. Get right with him so you can be right with the Lord.)

Someone needs to have a serious talking to with Jerry Moran. If Pompeo mounted a campaign against Moran, I thought I'd still be a Moran supporter. Every day, I get a little less certain of that position.