Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Good News, Johnson County!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Good News, Johnson County!

Well, good news-ish, I suppose. The dumb-dumb voters in Kansas City, Missouri, overwhelmingly renewed the city's earning tax, which means Johnson County is NEVER going to have to really compete with Kansas City for jobs, influence, business, etc.

For all the talk of the Border War and Kansas "stealing" Missouri businesses, there's a reason businesses are willing to flee like rats from a sinking ship from KCMO. They can give every single employee a 1 percent raise just by moving across the state line when the building lease expires. (This is one of many reasons why I am confounded every time the state of Kansas offers a Missouri business PEAK or other incentives to move a few feet across the state line. When you have good economic policies in place, you shouldn't need enticements that force taxpayers to subsidize wealthy developers and big business.)

As usual, KCMO turnout was light, so I guess an argument can be made that only the not-so-smart voters cast ballots on April 5. Anyway, 70 percent of self-hating KCMO voters agreed to renew the tax. 

St. Louis voters also renewed its earnings tax. Please, government, take more of my money, and offer it to wealthy organizations like the National Football League. (How'd that work out for you St. Louis?)

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