Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): A Post I've Long Considered Writing

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Post I've Long Considered Writing

The secret of who I am IRL is out, thanks to internet trolls on Twitter. They put two and two together, specifically, one Tyler Longpine, who has his own history of anonymous internet experience, and who accused me of professional misconduct.

It wasn't really much of a secret to those who know me personally. To those I may not have been as forthcoming with, you should know that at one point, I had a friend from across the state line uploading my posts. So the question, "Are you Gidget?" could honestly be answered with, "I'm not posting that stuff."

Nothing here will change much because of the outing. I was long considering it anyway. I write this blog in my free time, and I have been pondering how to monetize it. If I decide to do that in some fashion, I can't do it anonymously. The IRS is not a fan.

I did speak with the premier free speech attorney in the state about how I should handle the outing. He gave me great advice, though I didn't take all of it.

At one point, those who knew who I was were able to give me information knowing that if I outed them, they could out me. Mutually assured destruction worked for Reagan and it worked for me!

Just know, I have never, nor will I ever, reveal a source. Ever. Not to friends. Not to family. Not to others. Your secrets are safe with me... still. And I have always attempted to get confirmation from more than one person so sources never have to worry that a tip can be traced directly back to them. That practice will continue. 

My effort here has always been to move policymakers and grassroots people to the right. I'm happy if that only happens in increments! 

I truly appreciated all of the hits, tips, and kind words! Please keep coming back. 

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  1. I am surprised by the amount of vitriol in your 913 posts. If the Star considers you a counterpoint to more liberal writers, I question their judgment. It's possible to write from a conservative point of view without name-calling and character hits. You have yet to figure that out.