Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): A Prediction

Friday, June 24, 2016

A Prediction

I think the special session will be over by day's end, and I think the plan that cuts every district by a half percent, and adds money to equalization from the tobacco settlement and by cuts to Temporary Assistance to Needy Families and freezing the online school fund is the plan that passes.

That plan will breeze through the Senate, and probably pass the House. You know who isn't going to support it?

The so-called moderates and the Dems. Mark it down. Despite their school districts offering support for that (icky) plan, the moderates and Dems, in partnership with the public school lobby, will not support the solution offered. Remember 2011 and 2012? During those heady early days of the Brownback administration, one of Brownback's advisors and eventual chief of staff, Landon Fulmer, drafted a school funding formula with heavy input from people like John Vratil and Tom Trigg, former Blue Valley School District Superintendent. Seriously, they helped write the plan, and then they and their friends refused to support it. 

The easiest votes for legislators to make is a no vote, and Dems and mods have been dining out on that word for years. The bill may come due in August if they refuse to vote for a solution they said we had to have.

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