Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Read Jim Denning's Senate Update and Share!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Read Jim Denning's Senate Update and Share!

Sen. Jim Denning says Kansas public schools will be open on July 1, and I believe him.

If you haven't read his message to his constituents, do it now. All of the pesky facts are laid bare. 

  • Kansas spends $6 billion on public schools annually.
  • That comes to about $3,750 per TAXPAYER. So, for my small household, that's $7,500 per year. And in my mind, that's money spent to indoctrinate kids into beliefs directly opposed to my personal values, but that's another story.
  • The Court ruled that $5.9 million was distributed inequitably.
  • The block grants the Court didn't cut any school funding. The chart below shows how Johnson County schools fared.

  • The Court's ruling demands $40 million. Kansas doesn't have the money to make that payment.
  • The other option is to reduce funding to 4 Johnson County schools--Blue Valley, Shawnee Mission, Olathe, and De Soto-- in order to "equalize" funding to other schools.
  • The method the Supreme Court has chosen to allocate money to equitability would not go to classrooms. Instead, that $40 million Supreme Court ransom money would be used to reduce the amount of local taxes provided to some schools in other parts of the state.
Again, I say to the Johnson County morons demanding that legislators pay this ransom, you are making these demands at the detriment to your own children, classrooms, and schools. 

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