Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): NY Times Commits Journalistic Malpractice

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

NY Times Commits Journalistic Malpractice

I'm inclined to give this New York Times reporter a sliver of a benefit of doubt. Bless her heart. She's in Chicago attempting to cover Kansas. 

This means she's probably dodging bullets between making phone calls to sources. This also means she knows approximately 5 Kansans, and clearly, most of her Sunflower State friends are raging liberals. (Which is kind of saying something, since the majority of Kansans are conservatives.)

Anyway, somehow Julie Bosman managed to find several sources all on the exact same side of the school funding issue. (And she used a by rote quote from the Governor's controversy-adverse PR person).This is baffling, considering there are so many widely available sources on the other side of the issue.

Anyway, if you care to read complete bile about Kansas puked up by the liberalist of papers, the New York Times, the by all means, click the link.

If not, here's the summary:

All of the people running for office as "Republicans" for "Education" (Or as I call them, Republicans for More Indoctrination Camps), are quoted saying things like the classrooms in wealthy Prairie Village are too full. The kids are being forced to use last year's iPad models instead of the absolute newest ones. It's sheer terror over in the Golden Ghetto.

These Republicans for Indocrinating Your Children in the Art of Putting Condoms on Bananas at Your Expense include:

  • Dinah Sykes
  • LeEtta Felter 
  • Cindy Neely

What do these people have in common? They're running for state office against more conservative incumbents. I don't think that fact even made it into the story. It's journalistic malpractice.

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