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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Guys, I Can't Even...

Alert the masses. Bob Dole is on Twitter, and he's not taking a break from bashing conservatives. I am pretty sure I addressed this EXACT same issue a few days ago, when I wrote in a post entitled, Disgraceful Has-Beens: "When true leaders leave office, they give those who follow wide berths to set their own course." This was the nicest sentence in the entire post, and pretty much everything else I wrote there can be applied to Bob Dole.

So the Tax Collector for the Welfare State-- that's former Sen. Bob Dole-- got on Twitter YESTERDAY, and he waited approximately 25 seconds before taking to the site dedicated almost solely to trolling people, to lament that Congressman Tim Huelskamp is campaigning. (And can I just say how utterly tacky and distasteful it is that Dole got on Twitter and followed exactly 13 people. I thought the ENTIRE point of Twitter was to engage with others. Apparently Dole sees it as a platform from which he can sermonize.)

Literally, Dole's SECOND tweet--after the first one in which he congratulates himself on figuring out how to use the Twitter-- says this: "I've been keeping an eye on the First District congressional race in Kansas. I would suggest the current congressman focus on the issues rather than misleading attacks on his opponent."

And I would suggest that Dole bow out. Seriously, go away.

Guys, I am doing everything in my power to contain my rage. Bob Dole is exactly the reason we must be oh-so careful who we elect to any office. Under his tutelage, the national debt exploded. He never saw a dollar in your pockets that he didn't think should be sent to Washington where he could spend it better. 

Finding a human of integrity to run for office has become virtually impossible, so at this point, I'm grudgingly willing to settle for anyone who won't become a flaming moronic arrogant donkey's behind the moment they leave office. Bob Dole has repeatedly failed this simple low standard. 

His Twitter panoramic photo is of a water tower with his name on it. (Next week, he'll probably change it to a statue of himself with people bowing to it.)

Every time I turn around, the revered former Senator is stabbing conservatives in the back. It's like he can't take a five second break from telling the world how awesome he thinks he is and how sad it is that the politicians who succeeded him can't act more like liberals.

As sure as I write this, I am about to get a ration of manure for saying anything that isn't reverential and worshipful about Dole. He's an old man, people will tell me. Give him a break. Yeah, no. I won't. Either he's an old man who deserves a break, or he's a man we should take seriously. He can't be both. And as long as he's going to pretend we should take him seriously, and as long as Kansans are going to continue to worship at the altar of a guy who managed to get elected a bunch of times, I'm going to point out when he's wrong and out-of-touch and enraging. 

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