Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Truth Stretcher Smack Down

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Truth Stretcher Smack Down

It’s final. For now.

The Kansas Supreme Court issued a three-page order yesterday saying the equity school funding question was resolved by legislation approved last week. Justices have yet to rule on the question of whether government schools are funded adequately.

Though schools will open, and the equity issue is resolved,there’s ongoing debate over exactly which legislators authored the plan that legislators eventually passed last Friday evening. Sen. Melissa Rooker said she teamed with a group of legislators to draft a set of bills that addressed her concerns, however, her bills never saw the light of day. No one involved in the actual negotiations even knew of those proposals until they were mentioned in media reports long after the votes were tallied for the Ryckman-Masterson plan.

Leading up to the special session and when legislators and school officials waffled on things they’d earler agreed to, Rep. Ron Ryckman and Sen. Ty Masterson worked with officials and lawsuit plaintiffs to reach an agreement that ended the equity part of the lawsuit. Their efforts eventually garnered enough votes to pass both houses and the Governor’s desk.

For those interested in what actually happened behind the scenes last week, as opposed to what one legislator said happened, here’s the full story here.

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