Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): I Need a Shower

Thursday, June 30, 2016

I Need a Shower

Being around politicians and their people sometimes feels like rolling around in a pig pen. Today, I need a shower.

Folks have been sending me their opposition research. Some of it is disgusting, and seriously, I don’t get why people with these kinds of skeletons in their closets put their names on a ballot. Some of the skeletons are decades old. Some are recent. Some are a matter of public record. Others are a matter of insider public knowledge. They include things like domestic abuse arrests, open marriages, sleeping with everything that moves, federal criminal investigations, and plain old infidelity. By the way, this is one reason I don't believe anyone should put absolute faith and trust in any politician, or really any human. They will let you down, and those in power seem to be easily corruptible. (I think that's in part, because there are more temptations, and that's courtesy of a lot of stuff in the spiritual realm.)

The most salacious stuff, I will not write. I don’t want to be a tool to trash others, because the politicians who dug the stuff up were too afraid to put their names on it. That’s not an insult on the folks who’ve asked me to do it. I get it. The goal of politics, in addition to getting elected, seems to be to push the dirt in the pig pen on someone else. Or better yet, to get someone else to push the dirt for you--it’s easier to stay clean that way.

This is officially the crazy season, and I get a little depressed every year around this time. Everyone loses their ever-loving minds. Every perceived slight is a massive wound. An ill-fated Facebook post about some issue is cause for hysterics. Losing out on a sign location is a hemorrhage.
Sometimes, people put an opposition sign in their yards, because they know the person personally, even if they don’t agree with them politically. Friends do that kind of thing for one another. Sometimes, one spouse supports one candidate and the other supports someone else. Some people are Ado Annies--they can’t say no. These things aren’t the end of the world.

Everyone, take a breath. The very worst of this season is going to be over come Aug. 2. And when it is, no matter how the pieces fall, life is going to go on. Those who win will go back to Topeka, hopefully with the goal of continuing to move Kansas in the direction of smaller government. (And fortunately, I really believe most of my conservative friends will wake up winners on Aug. 3.) Those few who lose will have more time to spend with family and friends and the opportunity to do new and different things. It’s time for everyone to strap on the armor, work hard, and then put it in God’s hands.


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