Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Monkeys Return to Legislature

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Monkeys Return to Legislature

Liberals never sleep. Ever. Not in other countries. Not in this country, and not in Kansas. 

Last night, as I was preparing to escape reality in the Land of Nod, I learned that the Kansas Legislature intends to take the Supreme Court's offer and discuss a "fix" in the hostage situation. (Meanwhile, in France, liberals socialists known as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development warned that government spending needs to increase around the world to escape a 'low-growth trap.)

There's a message here, and it's this: Liberals socialists will never think you've contributed enough to government spending. Never, ever, ever. They think every nickel you earn should pass through the government coffers first and you should be given an allowance of a bureaucrat's choosing. Despite decades, even centuries, of experiments showing where that ends -- with heaping piles of bodies, starvation, and other horrors -- these evil people demand we keep trying it. Socialism, they believe, will work if we only get the right people heading the program. 

Socialism is arrogance on a grand scale. And it fails. Always.

I mention all of this here, because the fight against socialism and bureaucrats is never ending. It requires that people who love freedom and individual choice work tirelessly to preserve those things.

Right now, Kansas school children are being held hostage by the people who love nothing more than creating future socialists in posh schools funded by schmucks who are too afraid to push back. Our Republican legislators -- the actual Republicans, not those weirdos from northeast Johnson County-- need to hold the line today as they return to Topeka for what is sure to be a very unusual sine die.

I'm pretty annoyed that it appears they won't take my advice and refuse to negotiate with the Kansas Supreme Terrorists. But that's where we're at. The Legislature is unwilling to call the bluff of people who will close our schools rather than allow a few schools to have 1 percent less "equity" than other schools.

To all of my Johnson County readers advocating for an unending supply of my cash to turn school children into little socialists, you are morons. You do understand that the "fix" means your schools are going to get a funding cut so the parents of school children in Wichita can get a property tax break, right? Please tell me you understand that fact.

Because the truth, whether you choose to see it, is that the state of Kansas doesn't have a money tree growing out back. Almost every other part of Kansas' budget has been sacrificed on the altar of creating tiny socialists who use gender neutral locker rooms. This means that in order to make next year's funding "equitable" legislators have no choice but to cut the schools with more. (That's you, Olathe and Blue Valley and Shawnee!) This is socialism in its simplest form -- everyone suffers equally. 

If I were in charge--and let's be honest, I probably should be, because I'm super awesome--any attempts to appease the Court would be tied to legislation that allows school choice, changes the way our highest justices are selected, AND a constitutional amendment clarifying exactly which part of our government is responsible for funding decisions. I wouldn't add another dime to a school budget until I had enough votes to pass at least one, and preferably all three of those things.

As a taxpayer, I've had enough of serving as the Sugar Daddy to socialism. And quite frankly, I've had about enough of the legislators who repeatedly allow themselves to be bullied by a court that doesn't EVEN have the authority to close schools.

You know how you deal with a bully? You fight back. Get it together, conservatives, and fight back

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