Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Who Brownback Actually Hates... Part 2

Monday, June 13, 2016

Who Brownback Actually Hates... Part 2

Governor Brownback hates conservative members of the Kansas Legislature. At this point, it’s like he’s actively working against them. This-- coupled with the never-ending bashing from the media-- is the reason Brownback is one of the least popular Governors in the nation.

Yesterday, the Governor told members of the press that he’s actively seeking an influx of $38 million into the school coffers during the June 23 special session. This is mind-boggling.

Not only has the Governor, who won’t stand for re-election this year or ever, agreed to negotiate with the hostage takers, he’s essentially admitted his desire to capitulate to their demands. I don’t even…

Because he doesn’t have to stand for re-election, and because he’s a so-called conservative, the appropriate political action, if he was going to say anything at all on the school funding fiasco, was to push for conservative policies related to schools. This means suggesting that the Kansas Legislature adopt legislation that would stop the hostage taking from ever again. I’m thinking a Constitutional Amendment (not that it’s necessary) that says the Courts cannot shut down any public services, a push for school choice bills that protect the rights of students with special services to receive an education no matter what, and legislation aimed once again at changing the way the Kansas Supreme Court Justices are appointed.

Right now a secret committee of lawyers selects potential appointees to the state’s top court. Meanwhile the only students who are required by federal law to receive an education are special needs students.

Personally, the wisest thing the Governor could have done was dug in his heels and demanded that the Kansas Legislature adopt every conservative policy he dream of. That way, when Republican legislators headed back to Topeka on June 23, they could honestly tell their more moderate constituents that they attempted to come up with reasonable solutions to this funding issue, and that even required going against the Governor of their own party, because his request was just a little too far right.

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