Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Awww. How Precious. Hornets Think They Can Supersede State Law

Friday, November 4, 2016

Awww. How Precious. Hornets Think They Can Supersede State Law

I could probably do an entire blog on college students gone stupid. Actually, I may be able to do an entire blog on Kansas college students microaggressing conservatives on campus. The special snowflakes and their professors are out social justice warrior-ing so much. There was the professor who tweeted about killing the children of NRA members. There was the professor who was canned for using the n-word in class in a discussion about her own white privilege. Then there was the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Group who suggested a litany of plans at KU, including recognizing Indigenous People's Day and creating a Multicultural Student Government to operate separately from the existing Student Government Association. That was last year.

This year, at Wheat-Waving U, a residential assistant wouldn't allow students to use gorillas in jungle-themed decorations because gorillas are too masculine. Every time I think of it, I LOL. Here's a photo of a female gorilla:

And then there were the social justice warriors at KU who screamed down the Young Americans for Freedom recently. Their logic was that sometimes they felt uncomfortable on campus because they were LGBTQ or minorities. It's hard for me to speak for non-minorities, but everyone feels uncomfortable sometimes. It's called the human condition. Look it up. For awhile, I thought the nonsense was confined to the University of Kansas. I thought maybe the drinking water was laced with something that made people at Jayhawk U lose all abilities to use logic and reasoning. 

I had hoped it was a phase, but now it appears the insanity isn't contained at KU. Students at Emporia State University are joining the nutso.

Over at Hornet U, the student government representatives have daftly determined that they can supersede laws passed by the Kansas Legislature. Oh children. You'll recall that the legislature passed a law that essentially allows students at Kansas public universities the right to have guns on campus. 

In an email to students, Emporia State University President of the Associated Student Government Elijah Williams sent outlined a student government resolution that will "keep guns off campus."

I don't want to upset any Hornet snowflakes, but the student government has no authority over the issue, and it's a little embarrassing that they think they do. If city halls couldn't get around the laws, what makes these kids think they can? What are they learning on that campus? 

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  1. I have no idea if this is the case at KU, but have you considered that some racist people call African Americans "monkeys" and perhaps the resident hall assistant was worried that the gorillas would somehow equate with race and cause a whole ugly thing? It is sad but true that racist people exist. It is sad but true that college students don't always make good decisions. It is sad but true that sometimes college students' poor judgement ends up on the internet.