Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Ham Sandwich Campaigns at Forum Friendly to His Cause

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Ham Sandwich Campaigns at Forum Friendly to His Cause

I can confirm that the guy Dems selected from a Mission Hills cocktail party was out and about on Tuesday night. Cocktail Party Guy, Congressman Kevin Yoder's Democratic opponent, graced the halls of the Johnson County Central Resource last night prior to a forum on school funding. It was a Statehouse Live event sponsored (and aired) on public radio. Sam Zeff, the guy who was once fired for stalking Phill Kline and his family, moderated.

Dave Trabert of Kansas Policy Institute and Mark Tallman, lobbyist for the Kansas Association of School Boards, had a friendly conversation about school funding. As expected, conservatives were outnumbered by huge numbers at the event. The discussion was long-winded, and both men said exactly the types of things you'd expect them to say.  I appreciate that Trabert offered real solutions to a group of people who weren't going to agree with him no matter what. Conservatives need to have a family debate about whether attending these kinds of things is worth our while. We need Trabert's voice there, but I wonder if more of the grassroots types should attend these just to let the crazies know we exist. We've all got our echo chambers. The liberals do a much better job of invading ours. (See the so-called mods.) 

The people watching made the event something worth attending. The liberal movers and shakers of Johnson County put on a show of glad handing. (And in an aside, I think a member of Stand Up Blue Valley attempted to micro-agress me. So weird--these people. I'm just standing there minding my own business, listening and watching, when a huffy woman got in my space and made subtle demands about what I write here. Seriously, what on Earth...?)

I don't know why Ham Sandwich campaigner/Cocktail Party Guy would bother campaigning at an event in which there are only a handful of people and in which the vast majority of attendees are going to vote for him anyway. You'll recall last week, Steve Kraske, a Kansas City Star writer, suggested that Yoder's opponent has gone into hiding. I guess it's safe to say the Ham Sandwich isn't hiding in his kitchen. 

If you'd like a hilarious take on Kraske's piece, visit the DailyKos. Seriously, I LOLed for a good 5 minutes. The DailyKos scribbling is titled: "Kansas Republicans Ask Where is Jay Sidie and Continue to Reveal the Problem with White Privilege." Bwahahaha. The JoCo/KCUR event at the library was awfully pigment-limited. So, if Ham Sandwich is campaigning at such an event, is he revealing his own white privilege? Asking for a friend.

Other notable figures in attendance: Rep. Nancy Lusk, Rep. Melissa Rooker, Democrat candidates Brett Parker and Chris Morrow. Republican candidate John Skubal. Annie McKay, the President of Kansas Action for Children--an organization ready to fight in ditches to protect cigarette lawsuit money "for the children." 

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