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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Calling Conservatives

The Joseph Ashby Show lives on. As many in Wichita know, he was let go from KQAM, and his last day at the station was Nov. 9. 

BUT, he's back with a podcast, and you can listen here.

You can still hear conservative thoughts on KQAM, as Andy Hooser--the Voice of Reason--continues to host a show on the station. 

Speaking of local talent, Kim Quade, a Johnson County grassroots activist writes at a conservative blog called Victory Girls. You should check it out.

I'm certain that almost every thinking conservative or libertarian in Kansas is familiar with Bob Weeks' Wichita Liberty, but on the off-chance that you've been living in a dark cave for the last several years, Weeks blogs about all things liberty and has been for quite some time. His most recent post is a scathing take down of Duane Goosen, Kansas' former budget director and potentially the guy most responsible for Kansas' current budget challenges. You NEED to read it. This is the part I found most eye opening, Weeks writes:

...In May a coalition of spending groups called for what they termed “Option 4.” It would eliminate all tax cuts enacted since 2012. This action would reinstate the tax on pass-through business income — the so-called “LLC loophole.” But this would also raise income taxes wage income, as those tax rates also were reduced in 2012. For example, income tax rates for a married family earning up to $30,000 would rise to 3.50 percent from the current 2.70 percent. That’s an increase of 30 percent in the income tax rate. For other income levels the increase is greater.
A spokesperson for the Option 4 coalition argued that rolling back the tax cuts could increase revenue to the state by $1 billion. By the way, the Option 4 coalition did not call for the rollback of the sales tax increase passed in 2015. 
There's a chance I'm missing some people here. If you know of any Kansas conservative blogs, podcasts or other content, please send me an email! (gidget.southway@gmail.com).

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