Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Not Totally Buying Moran for Ag Secretary

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Not Totally Buying Moran for Ag Secretary

Early yesterday morning, the Hill, a DC paper that covers Capitol Hill, released a story saying the Trump Administration had asked Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran if he might have any interest in serving as Secretary of Agriculture. 

By yesterday evening, the story changed to suggest that Moran had been offered the job. Only, I'm not so sure that's accurate. The story saying Moran had been offered the job came from a Wichita television station. Originally, it included a breathless "Breaking story" headline. However, the story, available here, simply notes that sources tell the Hill that the Trump has offered Moran the job, but it links back to the Hill story from the morning, suggesting that the Trump Administration asked if Moran was interested. 

These are two different things--being asked if interested and being offered the gig. I suspect the Wichita television station misread the Hill story or jumped the gun on rumors circulating. Meh. In this rumor rich environment it can happen to anyone. (Ahem.  Me. Two days ago. And if you want a plausible theory into how the Kobach AG nomination was torpedoed, I send you here to Yael against my better judgment.)

I can't find anyone who will confirm that the Trump Administration made Moran an offer. This isn't the sort of thing a staffer would refuse to confirm off-the-record. Getting an offer makes Moran look good! The closest thing anyone is saying is it's unlikely Moran would accept that role.

I love the idea of Moran being named Secretary of Agriculture. At this point, if that job goes to anyone who isn't a Kansan, I will probably curl up in the fetal position and cry for a whole 5 seconds. (This game of watching the musical chairs is fun!) However, I am not convinced that Moran has received an offer, and if he has, he won't take it. 

In the meantime, the rumors that Gov. Brownback may have a shot at the top Ag job have all but fallen off a cliff. The Hutchinson News, which by my count has NEVER scribbled a nice word about the Governor in its billion-year history, just penned an editorial all but begging the Trump Administration to take the Kansas Governor for Ag Secretary. So here's the rich irony, Hutch News editorial board: Rumor has it that Brownback won't receive the Ag Secretary nod because of the controversy over the Kansas budget. You know what the difference is between Kansas' budget challenges and the budget challenges in other states: Papers in other states are honest about it, whereas in Kansas, we have the media laying 100 percent of the budget blame at the feet of the Kansas Governor and the Governor alone. You put this anvil around his ankles, Kansas press. Though it looks like an ag cabinet role is unlikely for the Governor, there is talk that the Governor may say ciao to Kansas and hello to the Trump Administration despite the hatchet job of the Kansas press. 

Stay tuned.

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