Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Cocktail Party Guy Confused by Signage

Monday, November 7, 2016

Cocktail Party Guy Confused by Signage

The guy Democrats plucked out of a Mission Hills cocktail party to run against Kevin Yoder was busted on Satuday for electioneering too close to a polling place. 

Kansas law prohibits campaigning within 250 feet of a polling place, but Cocktail Party Guy walked right past a "No Campaigning" sign and started doing just that, according to media reports this weekend. Meh. (Also, has anyone else noticed how the television stations can't spell Ronnie Metsker's name to save their lives. Every.single.time.)

I can see how Cocktail Party Guy was confused. Every state is a little different. In Missouri, people can campaign within a few feet of a polling place. It's probably especially confusing for candidates who haven't bothered to even vote in many special elections in the past, like Cocktail Party Guy.

And then throw in the fact that the inexperienced voter and campaigner, Cocktail Party Guy, has campaign staff who are probably in Kansas for the first time in their lives, and well, it's easy to see how things could get confusing.

It's awfully bizarre that Cocktail Party Guy himself has yet to comment. A representative from his campaign, Shawn Borich of Missouri, has given interviews on the topic, but Cocktail Party Guy himself? Strangely absent. 

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  1. "A representative from his campaign...of Missouri." Right. Couldn't find a fellow Kansan to represent his Kansas campaign.