Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Musical Chairs: Kobach, Brownback Measuring Drapes in Washington?

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Musical Chairs: Kobach, Brownback Measuring Drapes in Washington?

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is assisting with President-elect Donald Trump's transition. Kobach tells media he isn't planning to leave Topeka unless asked. So, he's probably shopping for Washington, D.C. real estate as I type. 

Kobach is unlikely to be the only Republican to ride the Trump coattails to the nation's capital. Gov. Brownback is likely on a short list for a few cabinet positions, too. And Kobach and Brownback may not be alone. 

Alan Cobb, you'll recall, is a Kansan who served as the director of coalitions for the Trump campaign. My crystal ball says he may have a hand in assisting in the transition as well. And in politics, who you know is far more important than what you know. Cobb knows a LOT of Kansans, which means Kansans may an advantage in getting some coveted roles in a Trump administration. Brownback and Kobach may not be the only Kansans moving to Washington. And even if they are, chances are good that both men take a few folks with them.

So here's where things get really interesting: If Kobach accepts an appointment before Gov. Brownback does, Brownback will appoint someone to replace Kobach. I have no idea who lands that coveted position, but I wouldn't be surprised if Kelly Arnold, Kansas Republican Party Chair and Sedgwick County Clerk. (Some sources say that's a possibility; others are saying not so much.) 

If Brownback accepts a position in a Trump Administration, Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer will replace him, and Colyer will select a new Lt. Gov. I have no idea who would receive that Lt. Gov nod, but it definitely changes the political landscape. Whoever Colyer chooses may have an upper hand in running for Governor in 2018. I'm pretty confident in saying that person would face a Gubernatorial ticket of Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins and Sen. Jim Denning.

Colyer will probably work easier with this legislature than Gov. Brownback, but at least one item will likely receive a prompt veto under a Colyer administration. With Colyer at the helm, Medicaid expansion would be dead on arrival. 


  1. Only wish Ken Selzer was Lynn Jenkins pick....What a duo BATMAN

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