Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Trump Harvests Great Plains to Drain the Swamp

Friday, November 18, 2016

Trump Harvests Great Plains to Drain the Swamp

The New York Times is reporting that Sen. Jeff Sessions has been offered the Attorney General slot in the Trump Administration. So... I was wrong yesterday. Sad face and apologies. 

So where does Kansas Secretary of State Kris (Kurt, according to Harry Reid) Kobach land now? No clue. All signs pointed to Kobach being given the nod, and so I'm left to wonder, what happened? Will he be offered something else? Back in March, it was rumored that Kobach would be a contender for Director of Homeland Security in a possible Trump Administration, and columnist Michelle Malkin is shoring up a defense for that occurrence. 

Meanwhile, it looks like Gov. Brownback may not be the preferred choice for Secretary of Agriculture--but guys, the gig he's rumored to be a contender for sounds far more amazing--Ambassador to the Vatican. If there is a dreamier job on the planet, I can't think of what that would be.

Yesterday, Congressman Tim Huelskamp looked like a crazy long shot for Secretary of Ag, but Trump transition officials--a Kansan no less--confirmed they were considering Huelskamp for the gig. If Trump is serious about draining the swamp, there are probably fewer people more qualified than Huelskamp.

And finally, about Congressman Mike Pompeo: Anyone else find it interesting that Pompeo visits Trump Towers to speak with the President-elect and hours later, James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, resigns? A lot of Washington pundits are suggesting that Pompeo will replace Clapper, and perhaps more tellingly, people who live in Pompeo's district and are close to the Congressman and his staff believe that move is likely. 

So this is my favorite new game: Who does Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer choose to serve as his second? And who would take that job? Who names Kobach's replacement--Colyer or Brownback and who gets that nod? Many of those candidates likely come from the Kansas Legislature. So who do precinct people choose to replace say, a Sen. Julia Lynn or a Rep. Scott Schwab? If Kelly Arnold--Kansas GOP Chair--gets an appointment, who replaces him?

And on a personal note, when all of this gossip and innuendo dies down, what will I do with my spare time? Asking for friend.


  1. Rucker for Secretary of State, holdover pick until 2018, when Arnold and several others battle for it.

    Estes will be the new Congressman from the 4th, he knows the delegates and is perhaps the most likable Republican in Kansas.

    Lt. Gov under Colyer could be anyone - I don't think he picks someone out of JoCo. One thought is Kasha Kelley.