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Friday, November 18, 2016

The Dem Whisperer

I don't know much about the Dems in the Kansas Fourth District, but a Dem from the Wichita area served in the U.S. Congress for almost 20 years--Dan Glickman. 

So Republican friends, I don't want to put a damper on the celebration that is Congressman Mike Pompeo getting a sweet gig in the Trump Administration. BUT before we get our rolls too far down the hill, we need to do what is necessary to maintain that precious Congressional seat.

The Dems don't have a very deep bench, but they have one. Word on Douglas Avenue is that Carl Brewer, former Wichita Mayor and current Wichita legislative liaison, is considering a run for Congress. It was rumored at one time that he was also considering a run for Governor in 2018, so it appears Brewer hasn't yet hung up his running shoes.

Wichita's wildly popular first black Mayor may have the chops to be a winner in a likely low turnout special election.

So, Republican delegates of the Fourth Congressional District, choose your candidate wisely.

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