Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Can Confirm--Estes In

Friday, November 18, 2016

Can Confirm--Estes In

Kansas State Treasurer Ron Estes will contend for Congressman Mike Pompeo's seat in the U.S. House, should Pompeo be confirmed as the CIA director.

Here's Estes' statement:

"My entire life has been focused on finding solutions. In both the private and public sectors, some of the most frustrating problems I’ve dealt with have come from constraints placed by federal laws and regulations. The people of the fourth district have been well served by Representative Pompeo and his private sector experience. If Rep. Pompeo is confirmed as the next CIA director, it's crucial that his replacement lead the way to reduce over regulation and help develop the environment for a return of jobs and greater prosperity to south-central Kansas. The federal government is not working and continuing with government as usual will not fix the problem. I've been encouraged by many constituents across Kansas to consider running if there is a vacancy, and I feel I owe it to them to consider doing so. It's time to make Washington DC work for the people.”


  1. Ron Estes is a total dud. Total dud. Contribution to conservatives, zero. Contribution to Republicans, zero. His qualifications for Congress - sitting on his rear for the last 6 years as state treasurer.

  2. Estes works hard and is a great guy. He would be a terrific Congressman.