Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): I'll Take Things That Should Terrify Taxpayers for $1,000, Alex

Monday, November 28, 2016

I'll Take Things That Should Terrify Taxpayers for $1,000, Alex

A coalition of leftists is going to present a plan to balance the budget and reassess the state's tax policy. Rise Up Kansas intends to present a proposal sometime in December.

 If this was a group of reasonable, common sense folks I'd be cheering, but nope! That's not who the Rise Up Kansas coalition is. It's Kansas Action for Children, an organization which will fight to the death to preserve the cigarette slush fund that bankrolls it; the Kansas Center for Economic Growth, an organization bent on ensuring that the failures of previous administrations to do things like properly fund KPERs remains buried. (Realistically, this outfit should be called the Kansas Center for Absconding Money from Taxpayers); and the Kansas National Education Association--no bias there! 

This coalition thinks government can spend your money better than the individuals who earned it can. This coalition wants to redistribute wealth, taking money from the people who earned it and giving it to their friends. If conservatives don't come up with an answer to this nonsense, if this coalition is successful in passing a wealth distribution scheme, the people who have and create wealth in Kansas will vote with their feet. These are dangerous times, friends. Conservatives are going to need all hands on deck if we hope to maintain some fiscal sanity in the Sunflower State and have a few nickels left to rub together in our wallets. 

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