Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Democratic state rep loves Ashley (Madison)

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Democratic state rep loves Ashley (Madison)

So a Democratic state lawmaker was seeking kicks on Ashley Madison, the adultery website.

I, for one, am shocked that there's a cheating Democrat in Kansas. Just kidding. 

Harold Lane represents Topeka in the Kansas House. He's been married (unhappily?) for 42 years.

He admits that the email address on the Ashley Madison website is his, but says he just doesn't ever remember visiting that site. 

Yeah right.

You know if Lane were a Republican, there would be NO escaping this story. You'd turn on KCTV 5 and it'd be non-stop coverage. The Lawrence Journal-World would track down his wife and children and publicly shame them. There would be hourly calls for his resignation.

But since Lane is a Democrat, the Topeka Cap-J wrote one lonely story, which somehow managed to drag Brownback public affairs people through the gutter. Typical.

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