Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Hippy Drum Circle Now Forming

Monday, August 3, 2015

Hippy Drum Circle Now Forming

Good news, gals.

Women for Kansas is not backing down after their deafening defeat last fall. To recap: These costumed ladies joined forces last summer to rally support for gubernatorial candidate Paul Davis and senatorial candidate Greg Orman. 

They had an actual hippie drum circle at a conference in Wichita. They dressed up for television interviews (see photo above) and basically filled my summer with laughter. I'm pretty sure that wasn't the point, but man. They're better than any Amy Schumer film. Less sex. More funny hats!

So today, the washed up hippies issued a press release: 

This time last year, the Women for Kansas Leadership Team and dozens of dedicated volunteers were scrambling, finalizing last minute details for our statewide Taking Back Kansas Convention, August 29 & 30...
If you were at the Convention, you remember the singers, the comedian, Lady Liberty, the incredible speakers, the enthusiasm, the palpable energy, the spontaneous conga line. We all left feeling energized, hopeful and ready to go home to work for candidates who would take back Kansas. On Wed., Nov. 5, 2014, most of us were so demoralized, we were unable to get out of bed. 

 Apparently, they're glutton for punishment. The release announced that these gals aren't stopping. The comedy tour will continue.
Now, a year later, recognizing that the opposition is already planning and working to keep the present, regressive, destructive policies in place, we are NOT going to sit out the 2016 election. The only way to be assured of electing moderates in 2016 is to recruit women voters who will recruit women voters. That means forming Women for Kansas chapters all over the state.
They are setting up chapters across the state. They have Facebook pages and bylaws. Please, please say the bylaws require the wearing of funny hats. They've created 11 chapters and sent emails to 2,000 people.

At least one of those emails is not going to generate a new member, but it's definitely generating a laugh. So there's that.


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