Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Least favorite email of the week: Spam from the Gov

Friday, August 7, 2015

Least favorite email of the week: Spam from the Gov

Every Friday afternoon, my inbox fills with emails from Kansas Republicans, and as sure as Mars follows Earth around the sun, there's always at least one from the Governor's Deputy Director of Communication.

I do not understand how the Governor's office thinks this is useful. I've written about it before here. Anyway, the email typically addresses one subject and then cheerleads the Governor's response.

It's the strangest public relations move probably in the known universe, but for now, I'll just say it's the strangest public relations move in the western hemisphere. (Benefit of the doubt and all that.)

First, a disclaimer: I do not have a doctorate in public relations. So take what I'm saying with a hefty grain of sodium chloride.

This week's letter is an opinion piece is about Kansas' response to Obama's Clean Power Plan. That's about as far as I got in the email. 

I receive a LOT of emails and e-newsletters. It's a popular and useful marketing device, but they are much more successful when the e-newsletters include short bursts of information rather than long (BORING) screeds. Gidget's tip: If you're going to blast people with unrequested information (and you want people to actually read it), make it entertaining. 

Good hair in my inbox weekly
I also receive the Kansas GOP e-newsletter each week. I read the entire thing. Takes me approximately three minutes. It's typically short bursts, including a brief update from Chairman Kelly Arnold, about insider-y things.  This week's e-newsletter had a few links about yesterday's debate, a few photos and some information about the state committee meeting last week and links to all of the Republican presidential candidates' web pages. Good information, brief, and some handy links. I welcome it in my inbox.

The weekly opinion piece from the Governor's office -- not so much. Seriously, I don't get the point. I suspect the goal of the email is to go around the media -- it's a way to take it to the people rather than filter it through the media. And I get it. But typically by the time I receive the email, the information is old. I've seen the press release and news reports. My inbox is already pretty full. If the Governor's Office is bent on sending an opinion piece each week, make it worth my while to read. Entertain me and inform and if you don't have anyone on staff capable of such a feat, then keep it brief. Hit the highlights, give me some links and sign off. 

On a final note, I think it would play better if the email to "grassroots" people came from the Governor. I'm typically left wondering why should I care what random Governor's staff member thinks, especially since I have to believe it was vetted by the Governor's top people. Just seems disingenuous.


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