Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): This keeps me awake at night

Thursday, August 6, 2015

This keeps me awake at night

"If the Civil War was God’s divine judgment for slavery, as Lincoln thought, and God used it to avenge the innocent blood of slaves, what does judgment look like for 57 million babies being slaughtered in this nation alone since 1973?"

Will Ford, author of "Created for Influence: Transforming Culture from Where You Are," writes in this post that he has lost friends, family and supporters because of his vocal, adamant advocacy for life.

"But if I used whatever bit of eloquence God has given me to speak and write, and not carry out the assignment God has given me, then all I’d be doing is gathering up wood, hay and stubble to be burned before our Master Jesus Christ at my day of reckoning."

Everything else in this post is worth reading as well. The basic message: Despite the intense warfare, do not stay silent.

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