Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): So a Rock Chalk Hypocrite Walks into a Bar

Saturday, August 29, 2015

So a Rock Chalk Hypocrite Walks into a Bar

If Art Hall can't hide his emails in a quest for academic freedom, then that guy who wants to shoot the children of NRA activists shouldn't be allowed to either. 

You remember David Guth, right? The crazy-eyed University of Kansas journalism professor who tweeted about killing the kids of NRA members? 

He was loudly celebrated by KU faculty and insane liberals everywhere. He was briefly suspended. He didn't lose his job. I don't even think he lost any pay. It's only a matter of time before Rolling Stone or some other respected media outlet tabloid offers him an award.

Alas, there's a horrible double standard in academia. Your rights to freedom of speech and academic freedom depend on what you say. A group of faculty members says Art Hall, a business professor and former Koch economic advisor, doesn't deserve the same academic freedom to his own emails as other professors.

A liberal student group, Students for a Sustainable Future, made an open records request for some of Professor Hall's emails.  (This open records request, if granted, would likely have required printing copious amounts of emails on dead tree. Appalling.) Anyway, professor's emails are sometimes protected from open records requests because of academic freedom. (Or something. Seriously, there's a loophole to keep every kind of communication in the dark. Just ask Hilary Clinton.) Hall sued the university saying his emails should be protected, and a group of professors jumped to the student group's defense. 

Oh, this academic group of ninnies couches its objections to Hall's emails remaining private by calling Hall an administrator and not a professor. It's intellectually dishonest, but what's really important to this faculty group is that Art Hall, a conservative, doesn't receive the same rights and defenses as liberal faculty. That's the bottom line here.

There's a double standard in academia, and having the "wrong" opinion will be punished whenever, wherever and however possible. 

The Hall case was to be tried in November, but Hall and Students for Making Life a Living Hell for Conservatives settled on Friday. Under terms of the agreement, Hall released about a dozen emails and the SMLLHC were to withdraw the open records request.

Any parent considering sending their child to the Wheat Waving School of Liberal Indoctrination should carefully consider how impressionable their child is before allowing him or her to set foot in Lawrence. If your child isn't able to listen to continual, non-stop liberal craziness without being brainwashed, send him or here elsewhere.

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