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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Moran v. Wolf

This is going to be painful.

Milton Wolf confronted Sen. Jerry Moran during a town hall meeting in Wamego earlier this week. I was not there, but you can read about it and see excerpts:

Milton Wolf Confronts Sen. Jerry Moran In Possible GOP Primary Preview [VIDEO] -- Daily Caller

Milton Wolf, audience on hand, confronts Sen. Jerry Moran at town hall -- Topeka Capitol-Journal

Former candidate Milton Wolf confronts U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran at town hall -- Wichita Eagle

Wolf warned his followers that this was going to occur. I don't really mind the public confrontation and I appreciate that both men seemed calm and collected throughout.

In fact, I would say Sen. Moran handled it with grace and good humor, during the actual confrontation. 

And then the circus music started playing: Wolf told reporters that he wore his boots because he knew, "it was going to get kind of deep in there when Sen. Moran started answering these questions."

So, he dressed up in costume to make a point? The wearing of boots and that comment: Very stage-y. You know who else does that?

Moran didn't help his cause following the event either. His campaign released a pretty nasty response:

While all Kansans are welcome to attend Sen. Moran's town hall meetings, Dr. Wolf created a sideshow today by using the meeting as a platform to discuss his previous political efforts and related conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, his bizarre interruption took time away from other Kansans who came to ask questions and share concerns.
I don't like it.  First, it suggests that Wolf doesn't really have the right to ask questions at a Moran town hall. I disagree. Wolf, whether Moran likes his questioning or not, is a constituent with the same rights as every other Kansan. And let's not pretend that there isn't at least one person at every town hall who takes up far more than their fair share of time asking questions or giving soliloquies. 

And here's a tip for Moran's people: You should never follow-up on someone who attempts to score political points while standing in your spotlight. Your continued response gives the other person, in this case, Wolf, additional importance. Not responding is a very good and reasonable way to simply say, I'm above this. 

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