Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Not buying it, Courtney

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Not buying it, Courtney

It's just so hip these days to complain about Republicans in Kansas. Such is the case of Courtney Canfield and her lawsuit against the Kansas Secretary of State's Office.

Canfield is alleging in a lawsuit that Deputy Secretary of State Eric Rucker canned her for refusing to attend church. (By the way, Canfield says she's a Methodist. I do not know why this is relevant.)

No one with any sense should believe this story. I don't know Rucker personally, but he's a lawyer and I've seen no evidence that he's a moron. This means he's far, far too smart to fire someone and then tell others that he did it because she refused to attend a religious service. 

My crystal ball says this is a ridiculous suit. 


  1. You clearly don't know Eric Rucker. I'm not speaking to the veracity of this suit (impossible to say without actual evidence), but given Rucker's past behavior this is certainly within the realm of possibility. Rucker was at the center of Phill Kline's ethics complaint and is a polarizing figure based upon his strident anti-abortion/pro-life activism. I would also submit this is not an issue of intelligence but of belief. People have been known to do really stupid things based upon adherence to strongly held beliefs. The idea that Rucker is too rational or too smart (he ain't, like everyone else) to pull this stunt is far less believable than the actual claim. Regardless, we'll see what happens - I doubt the plaintiff prevails unless there's some very strong evidence and only pretextual reasons for her termination.

  2. You're right, Anonymous. I don't know Rucker at all. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out.

  3. Plenty of attorneys are morons. Look at Virginia's former governor McDonnell. They just think they won't get caught. That said, if Kansas is a right to work state and it's not in writing, good luck to her.

  4. I love how idiots, when it comes to their own party, always gives the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you're right, maybe not, but you don't know shit and yet have a real opinion about it. And assuming the fucking LAWYER is an okay guy? One with a proven history of being censured? Ha ha, whatever you say, sweetcans!