Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): PP research draws obvious, irrelevant conclusion

Friday, August 28, 2015

PP research draws obvious, irrelevant conclusion

So Planned Parenthood has issued a scathing letter and report to the members of Congress saying a study that PP commissioned determined the Center for Medical Progress videos were intended to "smear" Planned Parenthood.

Did PP U.S. taxpayers actually pay for that study?

Of course the videos were intended to "smear" Planned Parenthood. The organization's primary role is barbaric. The video -- and I don't care how it's "edited" -- clearly shows Planned Parenthood technicians sifting through body parts and laughing about a baby human, a boy. 

Not one person has claimed that what the videos show did not actually occur. No, everything in the videos actually occurred. Every rotten, ill-conceived word out of every Planned Parenthood operative's mouth was actually said. It was not taken out of context, though I will fully admit -- no study needed -- that there is some dark and haunting background music in the videos. There are cuts away from some of the vulgarities to show text of federal laws, which make the suggestion that Planned Parenthood is doing something illegal.

Here's the thing: I don't care whether it's technically or actually legal. It's disgusting and vulgar and unconscionable. If it isn't already illegal, it should be. Oh, and I WOULD RATHER NOT PAY FOR IT. I would also like to not pay for stupid, pointless studies on PP's behalf.

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