Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Kansas Dems implode. Part 9,261 of 1.5 million (and counting)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Kansas Dems implode. Part 9,261 of 1.5 million (and counting)

Oh, Kansas Dems. If you were an actual, individual person, I would bake you a casserole or give you a ham. You guys keep having a funeral for your brand, and then perform some weird seance to resurrect the losing brand from the carcass's ashes. 

I don't have to go back very far to rehash the harrowing tale that is today's Kansas Democrat Party. 

Remember when the communications director was canned for calling certain Kansas towns "crapholes?" It wasn't quite a flatline for the party, but certainly a low point.

Remember how the state of the Democratic machine in Kansas was so bad that the Dems resorted to running an independent in the race for U.S. Senate? Despite a record of massive campaign donations to Democrats, Greg Orman tried to pretend, unsuccessfully, that he wasn't a real Democrat. He did so by ignoring the most virulent lefties of the Dem Party.

Remember when the Dems managed to bungle the 2014 elections? Despite polls within the margin of error, gubernatorial candidate Paul Davis lost in epic style. He lost Johnson County! I didn't see that one coming. 

Remember how the Dems wanted Dennis McKinney to serve as chair of the party and how McKinney basically said, sorry no thanks, you guys are out of touch?

And then remember how the Dems elected Larry Meeker, a former mayor of Lake Quivira (one of the whitest, most elitest cities in the state, but I digress) to serve as chair?

And then recall last week, how Meeker suggested that Democrats may consider "rebranding" the Democratic Party in Kansas to better reflect actual Kansans? 

The leftiest lefties of the Kansas Democratic Party were outraged. Fast forward to last weekend, when the Dems hosted a drum circle in Wichita. There, Meeker resigned via email over his totally reasonable suggestion that maybe, quite possibly, if Kansas Democrats ever hope to win again in Kansas, they should consider moving to the right just a sliver -- not a lot mind you -- but just enough to allow sane people an opportunity to buy into their craziness.

I am baffled by the Kansas Democrats. Flabbergasted. Stunned. It's like they actively hope to continue losing, and losing big. Meeker simply said Kansas Democrats are more conservative than their national counterparts. And for this, the guy is branded as persona non grata. It's ironic that Meeker's strategy to rebrand ever-so-slightly to the right was no different than the Orman campaign's strategy to run as an independent. And you'll note the Kansas Democrats disenfranchised their own primary voters to give Orman a clearer shot at the Senate seat. (And to Orman's credit, that race was closer than it ever should have been. Though Orman didn't win the Senate seat, he scared the Republicans so much that the national party and its offshoots were spending money on a race in red Kansas, where they otherwise would have been spending resources elsewhere.)

Some woman from Manhattan, Kansas, will now run the party in the interim, and Democrats will commence their search for a party savior. Good luck with that. If the five remaining Kansas Democrats truly think their messages of teaching kindergartners the importance of fellatio and selling baby parts while forcing every single member of the general public to pay for it is a winning strategy in Kansas, they need more help than any mere human can provide.