Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Don't Vote for This Guy, Wichita. Just Don't!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Don't Vote for This Guy, Wichita. Just Don't!

I don’t typically write about Wichita politics often, because I’m not very familiar with the people and politics out that way. However, when a regulatory, tax-and-spending extremist attempts to pass himself off as some sort of political savior, it’s difficult to reserve comment.

David Dennis calls himself a Republican, but his past forays into politics suggest otherwise. Dennis is challenging Commissioner Karl Peterjohn to represent Wichita’s third district on the Sedgwick County Commission. Dennis is campaigning on gripping items like spending more taxpayer money for the Sedgwick County Zoo, and borrowing money to pay for road maintenance instead of using cash. Seriously, he criticized the choice to use existing cash to pay for something and advocates taking out a loan. Um. I wouldn't want that guy in charge of my finances.

Dennis, you’ll recall, was once an educrat who served on the Kansas State Board of Education from 2009 to 2012. During his tenure there, he was a vicious opponent to anyone who valued parents choosing how they best wanted to educated their own children.

Dennis suggested the board should propose legislation to further regulate home schools, because he had heard rumors that some home schooling parents kept teenagers home to watch younger kids. Of course, he offered no actual evidence of this happening; it was just conjecture and an attack on home schooling families.

Fortunately, other state board members thought wiser on Dennis’ suggestion to send educrats into the homes and lives of Kansas families. The board didn’t end up proposing such legislation. This sort of suggestion doesn’t bode well for Dennis’ beliefs about government involvement in the lives of individuals.

From way over here in Johnson County, it appears Dennis believes that government knows best, and the marketplace can be better run with the help of a bureaucratic master planner.

I know who wouldn’t be getting my vote if I lived in Wichita’s third district.

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