Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Court to Kansans: Hand over Your Wallets and Back Away Slowly

Friday, May 27, 2016

Court to Kansans: Hand over Your Wallets and Back Away Slowly

In a move that stunned absolutely no one, a handful of justices issued a ruling that the Kansas Legislature's plan to give public schools more money than they received last year is unconstitutional.

As a final, political jab at all common sense Kansans, the justices issued their scribbling demand that no school district ambulance chasers be left behind at 4:40 on the Friday before the Memorial Day holiday. Such a Jerk Store Jones move.This was smarmy timing, and I note that people reserve news that late Friday afternoons before a holiday weekend to spare themselves public embarrassment and shame. These judges (or as we should start calling them, unelected lawyers selected by a secret committee) are bad people. 

I have an absolute hair brained idea of how conservatives should rise to this challenge. I will blog about it tomorrow at length.

In the meantime, I leave you with this: It's gut check time, and I really hope Republican legislators -- the real Republicans, not those weird people from northeast Johnson County pretending to be Republicans--have the stones to man up to this challenge. They should have done it circa 2005, the first time Gannon and friends sued for more money.

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