Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Odd Primaries Yoder

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Odd Primaries Yoder

So, this is an awkward turn of events:

Some random guy named Greg Goode is running against Congressman Kevin Yoder in the primary. Here are all the ways this is an odd choice.

It seems strange to launch a campaign against a fairly popular incumbent when you have no name recognition. And by name recognition, I mean, I'd never heard of the guy until yesterday. I am not saying a candidate for Congress must be a famous person with a long history. I am saying it isn't smart to waste money running for office if your base of support is approximately 5 people. 

Goode's claim to fame, I hear, is that he is the boyfriend of Charlotte O'Hara. (Last I knew, she was married to someone not named Goode, but I guess these things are fluid these days?) It would make a whole lot more sense if O'Hara ran for the job instead of Goode.

O'Hara is a former state legislator who was summarily stabbed in the back by Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer and Ray Merrick. 

She was in the House, and Merrick asked her to step aside. Merrick, at the time, was in the Senate, and he wanted to run for House again so he could be Speaker. Meanwhile, she ran for Merrick's Senate seat and lost after Colyer and friends recruited Molly Baumgardner to run against her. (Stay tuned on that front. I hear Baumgardner may have a primary opponent, who is NOT O'Hara.)

Here's the one other thing I've heard about Goode: He is a former U.S. Army Lt. Colonel who goes by the nickname, "LC." Pretentious much?

Generally, I am a fan of a family debate. I like it when conservatives hop into the ring and run clean primaries debating the issues and preferably moving the GOP to the right. I just don't think that's what's going to happen in this case. And in this campaign cycle, I think we need all hands on deck, because all Kansas Republicans are going to have to be in the trenches running against the likely Presidential nominee AND our Governor. 

I don't think Goode has a chance. Not even a tiny chance. I do, however, believe he will assist in drawing Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee into a race the DCCC probably would've otherwise avoided.

Word on the street is that the DCCC met with a potential candidate in Mission Hills earlier this week promising an influx of $1 million into a campaign against Yoder. (I don't yet have a name of Mystery Mission Hills Candidate. There are two Democrats who have already thrown their hats into the ring to face Yoder. As far as I  know, neither has DCCC financial support.)

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